Cinder Peak  

Cinder Peak Phone
The Mojave Phone Booth

November, 1999 Tour

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"Be Prepared" for the Right Road
A look at a topographic map told us that we should be good Boy Scouts and be prepared for a rough road.  We were, in our 1999 Ford Expedition 4-wheel drive.  Driving on this road without 4-wheel drive is very ill-advised.

To see a satellite photo of the booth area, click here.

Cinder Peak

It's about 11.5 miles (18.5 km) down this dirt road to the Mojave Phone Booth.  Don't let the next few photos fool you.   The road deteriorates quite badly once you get down a ways.

The Dirt Road

More Dirt Road

Then, the road began to get worse, ever so slightly at first.

More Dirt Road

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